Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween - Part 3

Let's see if you can recognize any of these spooky faces!

Count Dracula

Lone Peak Knight


Scary, Mean Guy

King Crab and his Mermaid

We went to a Halloween Party on Friday night. Fun times!!

I think I finally hit the age where Halloween just isn't as much fun...laugh! I stayed home and passed out candy this year on Halloween night. I didn't even dress up for the kiddo's. Zander was pretty disappointed. Conner, Stocks, and Gar all found different groups to trick-or-treat with. Zander and I raided the street and headed home pretty early.

Niel put together a toilet. Such a memorable night!!


Lisa said...

You all look awesome!

Who Is Lynda said...

I have to say that the mannequin is my favorite costume!

Jane said...

My husband put together a toilet that night too!!