Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jump On It!

We all love Jump on It! And guess what? They have Family Night on Monday night. Our entire family can jump into the fun for only $20!!! For a family of 7 it is difficult to find something that much fun for such a small dollar amount.

Megan wasn't feeling too well that night, but she enjoyed watching everyone have a fun time.

I wish I could go to Jump on It everyday. It would be the perfect aerobic workout!!

Stocky likes to do his flips and tricks!! I can't believe he is daring enough to do a front flip.... those front tricks scare me.

Up! Up!! ... and away!! Garrett is like a mini super hero with super flying powers!

And Conner has his own super hero skills.... he can walk on walls!!

There is some silly fun for everyone!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jen probably wishes there was a jump on it in Japan. She's not progressed at all and she's getting induced today. Looks like fun though!