Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So you Think you can DaNcE? - Legacy

Yep... I am one of those sappy fans who watches So You Think You Can Dance. And of course I have my favorites. The show is coming to an end with the finale next week, which of course I will be anxiously waiting to see, but tonight one of my favorites was voted off the show.

I think the reason I liked Legacy Perez so much as because he is a street dancer with very little professional help to his dancing career. He was born with such talent. His main style is hip-hop, and he is so incredible in that area. But what I have been most impressed with is his development on the show. He can dance ANYTHING!!! In my eyes, he is a true artist. He had several dances that were my favorite, especially this one I have posted. Keep in mind when you watch this that he is a street dancer..... and here he is, dancing contemporary..... and doing it so well!

I will miss seeing him in the final show.

But.... I think I want to go see the show when it is in town, just so I can get another glimpse of this talented man. Who wants to join me?

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Nic & Trudi said...

I am also obsessed with the show and I would LOVE to go with you. We should totally have a girls night!