Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fridgid 5K

What crazy people run a 5K in 23 degree weather?

We do!

Niel - 23 minutes 32 second (fastest)

Conner - 26 minutes 18 seconds (fast)

Me - 29 minutes 26 seconds (slow)

My goal was to keep up with Conner. His old 5K record was 29 minutes 17 seconds. I figured keeping up with him would be a good goal. I guess football and all his other activities has gotten him to be really fast. It was evident about a half a mile in he was itching to speed up. I told him to go on ahead thinking he would wear himself out and I would catch up.

Guess what?

He kicked my butt! I never caught up!! But I was so proud of him for improving so much on his speed. Niel did so well too!! That is the fastest speed he has gotten in a while.

It was fun all around! I better get some stronger legs if I plan on keeping up with these fast men.


Katie said...

Or maybe it's because Conner has grown two feet and now has really long legs!! Great job!

Angela said...

Hey that is way faster than I would have run it! I am way out of shape. I hope to someday get back to where I was when I ran my last 5K.

Grams said...

Good for all of you!! That's the first of how many 5K's this year????

Anonymous said...

Wahoo!!! I think all those times are awesome!

Amy B. Jones said...

Brr! You're crazy! Amy, you would have beat me!!

Brooke said...

WOW! All I can say is WOW!! And...GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU!