Friday, February 12, 2010

Are you going to Drill?

"Are you going to give me a shot?"
"What are you doing?" "What is that?" "Are you going to give me a shot?"
"What are you doing?" "Is this going to hurt?" "Is this going to tickle?" "Why do I have to wear that?" "What does that do?" "Are you almost done?" "What is that?" "Does that hurt?" "Does that tickle too?" "I feel like a fish." "That isn't funny!" "What are you doing?" "What is that?"

Zander had his first trip to the dentist!!! Thanks goodness he didn't have any cavities.... he would have never made it through the drilling or even the shot. He kept asking a million questions. He was stressed the entire time he was in the dental chair.... white knuckles and all. The dental assistant was great with him. She actually LOVED him and kept saying "You are the cutest kid ever!" She laughed constantly.... as did I.

This little trip to the dentist reminds me often of Zander's gigantic personality. He is hillarious most of the time and I can't help but laugh at all the crazy things he does and says.

Here is another Zander moment.....

In the mornings he is so cold and so tired. I find him laying in front of the fire place often.... warming up and trying to wake up. Every time I ask him why in the world he is laying in front of the fire, he says....

"It is the only I can wake up Mom!"


Grams said...

Wish I could hug that cute boy in front of the fireplace and we wish we had a fireplace to sit or lay in front of!

Amy B. Jones said...

He is such a doll. Tell Awesome Zander hi for me!