Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Smile belongs to...


Gar is so much fun to take pictures of. One day I will have to post "The Many Faces of G!"

Here he is with a fat lip. Playing basketball can be dangerous at times!!

Gar LOVES to have Rocky sleep in his room. I walked into this the other day. Garrett knows Rocky isn't suppose to be in his bed.... so instead, he climbed down into Rocky's bed!!


Gar gets away with so much stuff because of his smile. Seriously! When he gets in trouble all he has to do is say, "Sorry Mom!" And follow it up with his sweet smile... I simply melt. I know, I know... it is bad parenting, but you just try it. I promise you will fall for it too!

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Angela said...

I can't believe Garrett has that blanket still. I remember it being brought to my house when I use to watch him...those were good times!