Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Day!

I love.... Love...... LOVE Valentines Day! Ok, who are we kidding I LOVE all holidays, but Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.

This year we were plenty busy, as usual.

This was my favorite picture I took this year. Each of the boys made special Valentine's for each other. This is Gar and Stocks showing their love for each other. Stockton gave Gar a "clean your room" coupon.... which Garrett LOVED! Gman gave Stocks a package of his favorite candy, Sweet Tarts, and a personal little, hand written Valentine that read....

Be happy because it's Valentine's Day today! I love you Stockton!
From, Garrett
(oh my goodness! TOO CUTE!!)

It was my favorite part of the day.... seeing the boys make Valentine's for each other and being so excited to give and receive.

A Valentine's tradition is making cupcakes. Here is my second favorite picture. I love this tradition.

We made homemade Valentine card this year. Zander was the only one prepared with the fun dips. Conner, Stocks, and Gar all came up with their own ideas. I thought they turned out fabulous! We even made "Extra Special" ones for the people we care most about.

And here was my favorite Valentine this year from one of my most favorite loves in my life.

For Conner's homemade family Valentines, he made coupons for each member of the family. Here is mine....

ONE WEEK OF LAUNDRY! Conner must really love me!

He even looks semi excited to be doing it!!

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Amy B. Jones said...

Your boys are AMAZING! But now I can't have kids because I know they'll never be as cool as yours! :)