Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dirty Mouth

What do you do when one of your kids starts saying dirty words?

You might not agree with my punishment.... "if you have a dirty mouth, it needs cleaning."

Zander has been in the situation before. A few years ago Zander kept saying "stupid" all the time. The soap cleaning seemed to work because he won't use that word anymore. I am not sure what happened to his sweetly clean mouth, but at the dinner table last night, Zander started up with someawful words. Well.... it was actually one bad work, but it was a real bad word. I told him he was going to have to get his mouth cleaned out with soap. He didn't like this idea.

I didn't put a lot of soap in his mouth.... actually, hardly any. I knew that just a little was enough for him because he dislikes it so much. After a few minutes, and after he had gotten most of the clean soap out of his mouth, I came into the bathroom to ask him to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

"Please go away from me Mom! I do not like you right now!" I granted him his wishes and left him alone to do his bedtime routine. He climbed into bed and I came in to tuck him him. I told him I still loved him and I was sad he said naughty words. I told him I didn't like cleaning his dirty mouth.

"You just don't make me happy sometimes." came is reply.

It was times for prayers. This was Zander's prayer for the night.

"Heavenly Father. Please help me to love my mom. I really need to love her soon.... like really soon. Please help me. I don't want to say bad words anymore. Amen"

I am not sure if I should have laughed or not. Zander is such a little character. I absolutely love everything about him..... even the bad words.


Anonymous said...

Oh he is such a character! I love this story

Nic & Trudi said...

I've wondered what I am going to do when I get put in this situation. I LOVE his prayer. SO cute! Miss ya!!

melanie said...

hee!hee! that is what my kids got too. Zander is a character for sure.

Diana said...

Sounds like everything went fine! My mom used to use soap in our mouths as well. It doesn't leave any scars, and seems to work, so....

Kallie Curtis said...

i love that child!!! I hope to be able to play with him again all summer!!