Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"In Football there are no limits to my power!"

Conner is a great kid!

Responsible. Determined.
Diligent. Confident. Strong.
Thoughtful. Inspiring. Honest.

He does what is asked of him better than most adults I know. I can count on him without even a second thought or wonder.

I don't know how I got so lucky! He is out shoveling the walks, including the next door neighbors walks, while the rest of us are snug in the house.

Tonight he was playing a basketball game and became extremely frustrated with himself because he missed some shots. If Conner isn't doing his best ALL the time he is completely frustrated (not sure if this is a good quality or not). But it is his determination that makes him so good at the things he does. He just won't settle for mediocre. He wants to be the best.... at everything.


Anonymous said...

What a good kid! and handsome too!!

Angela said...

tell conner he needs to be a STAR. I taught that to him when he was in kindergarten...haha!

Lori Buhr said...

He will be a man before you know it. It is great that you're focusing on his postive qualities, as you continue to do that he will learn to do it too and see the wonderfulness within himself.