Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Day of School - 2010

Too cool for the last day of school!

I took the day off of work so I could enjoy the boys for their last day of school. I remember as a kid the last day of school was the best day ever!

I met some friends up near work to eat lunch. We ate at Wingnuts. It ended up being a big hit for the boys. A new favorite! The great thing about the place is that it is pretty healthy.... no fried stuff. Everything is baked. It was delicious!

We all got a sweet treat at the Sweet Tooth Fairy! I think the boys liked this part of the day best of all.

I actually didn't have Ikea on the days plan, but when I mentioned something about needed to stop and get something the boys were excited! I am glad they love Ikea as much as I do. There are so many cool things to look at.

We took a quick swim at The Legacy Center. Gman had just hurt his foot. That is the best smile I could have him muster for the photo. He hit his leg on the slide and was fine after a few minutes. It left a nasty bruise.... which matched the other 6 bruises he has on his legs.... BOYS!

You might be wondering where Conner was all day long.

He was offering his services to a scout project he had commited too. There was a scout auction a few weeks ago were Conner donated 4 hours of weeding. His bid came in at $40. He figured he better pay up before he left for this Dad's for the month of June. What a great kid! I was told he did a fabulous job and worked hard. We sure did miss him.

As we all gathered at home around 3:30 I received word that my Grandma Dean had passed away a few minutes earlier. We all knew she was sick but the words still came as a jolt. Stockton said, "What a wierd feeling day. We had so much fun and all the sudden it feels kinda sad. I guess that is how life is sometimes. Sad things help me like my happy times even more. I will miss Grandma Great."

I will miss her too.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your grandma -I'm sure you will all miss her. The last post with pictures of her was so sweet.

Angela said...

It is interesting to hear what kids feel when death happens. As an adult, I know I can deal with loss, but with kids, especially if it is the first time dealing with death, can be difficult.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day... I love how 'grandma great' has stuck and spread.

MBC Scrapbooking said...

Hi Amy!
I'm so sorry about your loss. Love the pictures of your kiddos though:)

Visiting your family blog from Delightful Dots- I love your work and use your templates on my private family blog. Thanks so much!

Brooke said...

Stockton said it perfectly...I know grandma is in a happy place. I'm glad that you all enjoyed your last day of school. How nice of you to take the day off to celebrate this day with them. You are an awesome mom Amy.