Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Third Wife.....

I can't believe I had the chance to go to California AGAIN. Yeah!!

My job is so incredibly awesome most of the time. We had our team meeting in Los Angeles this year! Niel had some clients he needed to visit too, so we made the best of our weekend.

My most favorite thing we did over the weekend was attend the Jazz/Lakers Playoff game.

INCREDIBLE! ... and a little comical-crazy too.

The Jazz actually played really well. The game was close pretty much the entire time. The Jazz even pulled ahead in the 4th quarter. We were proud to be two of the few Jazz fans there.
The Laker Fans were not thrilled by our presence. The minute they figured out there were some cheering Jazz fans in their section (nose bleed seats), they starting razzing us. I was known as "Third Wife" the entire game. The not-so-intelligent Laker fan, who gave me my unoriginal Utah reference name, was extremely LOUD! He really brought a lot of attention to himself and to poor little Niel and myself. It's a good thing the guy was so wrong.... I am only Niel's 2nd wife.
Gosh... get it right loud-Laker-Fan Man!

Niel and I thought it was all funny. "Utah Sucks" was about the only chant our section could come up with. It really was hard to not razz those Laker fans back. I SO wanted to put them in their place.... and I almost did, for the 2 minutes the Jazz were ahead.

Unfortunately, the Jazz ended up losing. But still.... they played great. It was an unforgetable experience and even better that I got to share the entire event with Niel. He made it all the more fun!

I had never been to Hollywood before. Brittany spent the day with us. It was neat to really be there and see the stars. We spent most of our visit trying to scout out some stars we actually knew.

I don't think you will ever see more fine looking women hooking arms with Samuel L. Jackson!

My all time favorite actor has his hand and feet prints at Grauman's Chinese Theater. I love Sean Connerly. Have you ever wondered where Conner got his name? I will thrilled to compare feet with him.

Niel found one of his all time favorite famous people. Harrison Ford!

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman inspired this Rodeo Drive visit. Kinda fun to see how the rich live and shop. Funny thing.... we didn't go into a single shop. I think we were afraid to see any price tags or fearful we might get kicked out of the stores. The cars that past by on the road were like out of movie. It was interesting to say the least.


One of my most favorite things about visiting other cities is the various different kinds of food places. Of all the places I have been this year, C & O Trattoria tops as my most favorite place.


I serious could have stayed there and eaten these tasty Garlic Rolls ALL NIGHT LONG. Yes, they were really that good. I highly recommend the place. We got to bask in the nice sun outside, near the ocean. Perfect!

The beach.

I have seen this beach several times this past couple months. It never gets old.

I love this picture. Niel is like a little kid. Splashing in the waves.... free.... fun! I wish we could just stay forever!


Angela said...

You guys look like you had a fun time. Isn't it funny how you have to explain that Mormons don't have more than 1 wife. I get that asked me quite frequently when people ask me where I was raised.

Anonymous said...

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