Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lee Wins... I Win!

My favorite show has come to a close. And WOW.... what a great season it was!

Lee stole my heart when he busted out mid season with "Beast of Burden" ... I have been a fan ever since. He has a raspy, Bruce Springsteen voice that is incredible to listen to. He is my favorite contestant to date.... yes, even beating out David Archuleta.

The thing was, this season there were several amazing people. Crystal Bowersox was also an incredible singer! She amazed me from the beginning. While she does have an incredible set of pipes, her music style just isn't my favorite music style. She was entertaining and beautiful throughout and I enjoyed seeing what she would do each week.

I have to post a picture of pretty little Casey. Yes, he is good to look at, especially his cowboy boots.... along with the good looks is an extremely talented guy. He plays my kind of music too. Casey was the third place winner this year, but well deserved in being in the top. I can't wait to see what he does next!

Yeah... Lee won and I won too. I had a side bet going on and took home the winnings! SWEET!

It was a great season! Probably my favorite one so far!

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Lisa said...

We had fun watching this season, too. I loved how happy and surprised Lee was when he won.