Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Peace Offering

Stocks and Me got into a little tiff last week. I know I have posted about his tender heart before but I have to share his niceness.

I had to leave for a little while after we talked. I left frustrated with myself as a mother. I often feel like I don't do the right things with my kids. I was feeling horrible.

But when I came back I found this little note.....

... and two special banana shakes. They even had a little cherry on top.

Stockton is such a peace maker. He is thoughtful and sincere. I wish I were more like him!


Amy B. Jones said...

That is so incredibly sweet! You're obviously doing something right :)

Angela said...

Don't we all wish we could be more forgiving like kids! Way to be the example Stocks!!

Nic & Trudi said...

That is the cutest, sweetest thing ever!! I hope that I can teach my kids the same!