Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Great Lesson

Yesterday, Stockton went to a birthday party for a good friend of his. The reason Stockton is good friends with this boy is because I work with his mom. It has been fun to hang out with my friend while Stockton can hang out with his friend.
The party was coming to a close. Stockton was getting his things. He had such a great time! They had played some fun games and Stockton had a great time hanging out with friends! As Stockton and I were getting ready to head out, we noticed my friend (I am leaving out names because she was so embarrassed). She was sitting out on the back porch having a hard time breathing. She was scratching her neck and her eyes were watering. I thought for sure she was going to pass out. There were several other parents and friends there.... all very concerned. Someone call 911 and I could hear the ambulance sirens in a distant, staring to get louder. I knew help was on the way. I felt so bad for my friend. She was in such pain! I wanted to help her so badly, but I also didn't want to get in the way. I could tell she was hurting, but I could also tell she was embarrassed and didn't want to draw attention to herself. I stood inside the house and watched from the window. I could see the paramedics coming to offer her help. Others were standing around to offer support. I felt very concerned and very helpless.

The paramedics gave her a shot in the arm, which seemed to help. After assessing her vitals and getting her breathing back to normal the paramedics took her to the hospital to make sure everything was ok.

As Stockton and I got into the car, we talked a little bit about it. I told Stockton, "I hope she is all right." Stockton said, "Me too!" Then I said, "I wish I could have helped her more. I felt like I didn't help out at all. I felt like I was just in the way."

Then Stockton told me..... "Mom, you are never in the way. I am sure she was glad you were there, even if you couldn't do anything. I like it when you are just there."

We sat in silence for a while. I think I was trying to just hold back the tears. Stockton brought me great comfort and I have been thinking about what he said a lot since then.

I think often in life I like to be in control. I like to be able to fix the situation. Most of the time there isn't anything I can really do. Life can be difficult at times and I feel like I have all the answers. There are things in my relationship with Niel I wish I could take hold of. There are things with the kids I feel like I know what would be best for them. I struggle with those types of situations often. It is hard for me to realize that maybe I just don't need to do anything.... I just need to be there.

It is amazing the lessons I learn from my children. I love those little learning moments. I thought I would write this one down so I didn't forget.

Thanks Stockton!

My friend is all right. Turns out she had a severe allergic reaction to someone perfume or something. She is back home having fun with her son!


Anonymous said...

oh wow. that makes me feel sad and happy. I'm glad she is ok. Stockton is the sweetest kid.

Katie said...

What a good thing to remember! Thanks for sharing!

SJ said...

So sweet.

It looks like Scott will be out of town, but me and the boys are planning to head over Wed. if that's okay. Let me know what I can bring!

Unknown said...

Oh, you always see the lessons in everything! I wish I was more like you, your such a great friend!!
PS; I know who this "friend" was!