Friday, April 17, 2009

Welcome Lucy!

About a week ago Niel saw a mouse in the house... YIKES! Then, a few days after that I saw the mouse! I am freaked of mice. I was scared to go in the kitchen, where the mouse was spotted. Niel was my knight in shining armor. He went out and bought some traps and mouse poison. Unfortunately, this mouse is very smart. He didn't fall for any of those.
I couldn't bare it any longer so we did the next best thing..... we went out and got a cat.

Welcome the newest member of the family.... Lucy!

She is a beautiful cat. She is still trying to get used to our house. I think all the noise is enough to scare anyone...haha! She doesn't want to have anything to do with Rocky, our dog.

This is her favorite spot. She like to climb on top of the cupboard. She will snuggle herself up and relax. Her and Zander still aren't friends either, although Zander is certain it is his cat and he is dying to get Lucy to sleep in his bed. Maybe one day.

She is de-clawed, spayed, litter box trained, and has a great personality. And last night.... I saw her scoping out the place the mouse has been seen. I will sleep better once the mouse is gone and hopefully Lucy will always keep those furry critters out of our house.

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Angela said...

My cat loves getting up on my cupboards too! He has never caught a mouse though...good luck!