Monday, April 13, 2009

i {heart Faces} Amateaurs

Ok.... so I absolutely LOVE this new site I found. I hope you will play along with me as I post some of my favorite pictures.

This week on i {heart faces} it is amateur week. I couldn't pick a better category for myself. I would really like to improve my photography skills!! I heart faces seems to be just the right spot for me!

Zander is still young enough to get all excited about Easter! Every color, design, and creation he makes is as exciting for him as his previous egg masterpiece. I hope to capture and remember each of these thrilling moments!!!


Unknown said...

so adorable. his expression is fantastic.

.:: WMP ::. said...

Love his expression! :)

Sara said...

It looks like he should be saying "Muhahaha!" Cute!

Unknown said...

his face is just great! :-) love it!