Friday, April 3, 2009

Sunny California!

Niel and I had the opportunity to visit four of our favorite people! There was one thing lacking in our visit..... SNOW! I didn't miss it one bit! California was nice, sunny, colorful, inviting, fun and SO enjoyable!

Uncle Pat, Aunt Ang, Arianna and Alayna let us crash at their house for a few days. It was GREAT to see them!!! We miss them so much!

Niel and I were celebrating our 3 years of marriage. We had a delightful time!

We went to the Broadway play, Wicked!

Incredible! It was just as good as everyone told me it was going to be!!

Our driving adventure to the Orpheum Theater was.... well, lets just say we got to see a lot of Northern California. We started on I-87, then went to I101 and then I-237. Then, Nancy Neverlost told us to take I-280, and then 6 miles later she told us to take I-237 to I-880 and I-680. All this driving around got is so confused. We had to stop off at Jack in the Box to fill our bellies before we got even more grumpy. Once our stomachs were happy and full, we gave up on following Nancy Neverlast and took I-84 back to I-101. The 50 minute drive took us nearly two hours.... good thing we left early. We did find a $5 parking lot and it was just 2 blocks away from the theater. We arrived just in time and had an watched an incredible show!

If you haven't seen it yet.... I highly recommed Wicked!

We also got to see Bruce Springsteen in concert. "The Boss" put on a rockin show. My favorite part was all the people watching I got to do. I tell you, there are ALL kinds of people!!
We had a great time!

Smile! We are at a Bruce Springsteen Concert!

Happy Anniversary Niel! We have shared many adventures during the last 3 years!! I love our continual exciting life. You are the perfect one for me to experience life with!!!

I love you! Thanks for a great trip!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was an anniversary trip! how fun! you are coming over in a few hours! yay!

SJ said...

I was so sad I missed getting tickets in time when Wicked was at SLC. I'm glad to get your recommendation on it. We'll see you Wed (still not sure about Scott?)

Diana said...

Ahh, jealous. I will see that play someday

Diana said...

Ahh, jealous. I will see that play someday