Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

We celebrated an incredible Easter holiday this year! It has been a while since ALL of my sisters and ALL our kids were in the same place at the same time!!!

We all had a GREAT time together!!

Conner and Megan set up an Easter egg hunt of the younger kids. As you can see.... there were plenty of eggs for everyone.

My beautiful sisters! I love them both so much!!!

It was a divine feast. Niel smoked up some delicious ribs for us all to eat!
(Good thing Niel is a good cook. I don't even know how to bake a ham)!

Mom and Dad! Brooke and Rick!! Ang and Pat!!! What more could I ask for?

Niel and I love food! It was just such a perfect day!!!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!!

Anonymous said...

What could we ask for more? I don't know! I'm jealous that you all got to be together, My parents were in Hawaii, Jen and Allen in Japan, Parker in Arizona (soon to be moving to Texas) Jimmy and I were in Logan, and Pat in Tooele! Glad to see you had fun!

melanie said...

Ahhhh. How fun! Looks like a blast. You have long hair. It looks great on you.

Rick Haag said...

What a great Easter we had with you guys. The day was fun hanging out with you Amy. Thanks Niel for the ribs. Yummy!! The boys are such a joy to be with. It is so nice to have Ang and Pat here with their cute little kiddo's!