Friday, April 10, 2009

More Rockband

I know I post Rockband stuff ALL the time. It is just because it is TOO much fun!!!

Brooke and Rick invited us over for a Rockband Festival! We had drum off (WAY fun!). The ultimate drummer winner was Conner! Way to go Conner!!

Here is Megan and Stocks rocking away!!

Sing your heart out Brooke! G-man is a cray wild drummer and Rick and Conner go wild on the guitar. These guys made an incredible Rock group!!

This was my first time singing. Can't say I am that great, but it was still fun. I had a great group to pick up my slack!!

Thanks Brooke, Rick, and Brynlee for such a great night together!!

I thought this picture was too cute! Zander wrote General Conference on a piece of paper. He sounded out each letter to spell it Zander's way:
Genrol Cfrns

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Diana said...

Haha, that last pic is way funny. I have never played Rockband but all your posting makes me want to.