Sunday, June 21, 2009


I love Fathers Day!! What a perfect day to recognize and appreciate some incredible Father's in my life.

How lucky I am to find a man who loves me dearly.... but also loves my boys just like they were his own. Niel is an incredible father to his daughter Megan, but also a loving father to four wild and crazy boys.

This is Niel and Conner getting ready for Scout Camp. The two of them had a great time together!

I love this man.... for everything he is to our children and to me!

I happen to be cleaning up this past weekend. I was organizing some old boxes that were filled with letters. Niel and I have many things in common and one of them is keeping old letters. I have this large box filled with letters from my dad through the years. I also found Niel's mission letter box. I thought it would be fun to pull out a random letter and share what our parents wrote to us years ago....

This letter is from my dad while I was in girl's camp. This would have been about 15 years ago (gosh... I am old)!

Hello Amy,
Welcome to the wide open spaces. Look around and look at the highest mountain you can. Do you see it? This is your potential for the future size of your character. The higher the mountain the broader the base. You have a good base Amy. You are kind hearted and are self disciplined. Build these more in all areas and I will be ever so proud of you. The scriptures say charity (true kindness to others) is the greatest character trait of all.
Of course my motto is - Enjoy Life - I believe in being happy. Happiness for you can only come from within yourself. Happiness comes from thinking of others instead of worrying about yourself.
So enjoy your time at camp but use that self discipline to be a kinder more thoughtful you.

Make me proud! Love, Dad

My dad is such a hard worker. He had to squeeze in a quick lunch at Costa Vida for Father's Day. I have been so blessed to have my dad in my life. He is my greatest hero..... someone I look up to and admire. I aspire to be like him!

It was fun to find a letter from John to Niel. In the letter I found he talks about all the happening that have been going on. Camille (John's granddaughter) was over at the house and he is just so happy to be a grandpa. He talks about fishing, canoeing, and about all the beautiful creations he sees while out enjoying nature. Then he talks about the garden and how things are blossoming and growing. He closes with this....

"Work hard and rely on the Lord's help and you will find success. It's those successes that we have to work hardest for that we appreciate most. It is great to have you as a son and to share your mission through your letters. I send my love and my prayers." Love, Dad

It has been fun to share letters with John and Joyce while they are away on their mission to Russia. I miss them!!!

This is a picture of John is Russia. I like this picture because John knows how to work hard, serve the Lord, and enjoy doing it.

What incredible words of wisdom from some wonderful Father's I get to share in my life.

Happy Father's Day!!


Amber said...

That was inspiring! Love you Aimes! Your dad is right... You are so kind hearted! You are awesome!!

Grams said...

What a nice tribute to the good men in your life. Thanks for sharing.