Wednesday, June 10, 2009

REAL - David Archuleta

We decided to try out a REAL soccer game. One big plus to the event was that David Archuleta was preforming!!! Zander is David Archuleta's number one fan!

We met Lisa and family at Mi Ranchito for dinner before hand. It was great to see them!! We switched kids. Megan went with the Lunds and Kevin came with us!! Fun! Fun!!

Zander was SO excited when they announced "David Archuleta"

We all enjoyed the night. Even Garrett got up and was jumping around to the music. Zander was afraid of the fireworks. The weather was slight cold.... with a lot of wind. But the game was entertaining enough! David's concert was just the right length for Zander. He sang 4 songs after the game.

We had a great night!!


Grams said...

Love Zander's expression over David Archuletta. Cute!
Glad you all got together. Do it again soon!

Lisa said...

It was a fun night. I just wish we all could have had seats together! Hope to see you again soon.

SJ said...

hey, we were there too! way up at the top...Glad your kids had a good time!

Anonymous said...

ha ha that is so cute!!! Yay for Zander to make me laugh out loud!

Katie said...

That is sheer joy on Zander's face! What a fun night!

Brooke said...

Oh Zander! I just love this kid! He is a joy AND smart little guy. It is fun for me to see him love David Archuleta. Glad that you all made it out to the concert and enjoyed your time there!