Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Days

Strawberry Days is always a favorite at our house!!! Niel and Conner were at Scout Camp for part of the Strawberry Day festivities. Garrett, Zander, Megan, Stockton and I all bundled up and headed to the carnival. Wednesday nights is the most crowded night, but it is also the night each ride is only 1 ticket.... which means I can actually afford to take ALL the kids to the carnival. We had a blast!

The rain didn't keep us away. Zander kept saying to me "What is a little rain going to do to us?" I think he was trying to say things so we wouldn't have to go home.

Megan and Stocks were little dare devils this year. They went on some really big rides!

I was so proud of them!

Hold on tight! This ride squashes the person closed to the exit of the ride. Poor Stocks!

I was the one who got squashed on this ride. Thank goodness Megan and Zander don't weigh too much.

I didn't take any pictures of the 5K this year. Probably because I really didn't want any evidence showing I got my worst time ever! Boo-hoo! My knee was killing me. But Niel ran his guts out and took 2nd in his age group. Way to go Niel!

According to the Pleasant Grove Police.... "The Rodeo happens no matter what!"
The weather had been crazy rainy all during the day. But that didn't matter to the folks in the rodeo production. They kept riding and roping.... even in the mud. Even the guys who participated in the Wild Cow Milking didn't let the mud get in their way. These guys were bound and determined to get their cow milked. It was crazy funny! Look how muddy they are!

It stopped raining just as we arrived to watch the Rodeo. It made for a perfect rodeo night!

Gordan and his family came along. They came last year too!!! We love to have people come and "Yee-haw" with us.

Kallie, Garrett, and Zander love the strawberries and cream (me too.... it is my favorite part)!

Niel was WAY excited about his strawberries and cream this year!
Alas, all the fun had to come to an end. Can't wait until next year!! Hope to see you there!

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Grams said...

Talk about, strawberries and cream, carnival and pictures of family, that will do it!!