Thursday, June 25, 2009

Orem "wet" Days

Summer is suppose to be a fun time to play outside, warm weather, sun tans (or in our case, sunburns), running through the sprinklers and bike rides. But this summer has just been rain.... rain.... and more rain!

A family tradition that we used to have as kids was going to the Orem Summerfest. It was one of the first events of the summer. The unique part about it, at least to me, was the night parade. It was perfect because the sun was going down behind the mountains which left a cool evening breeze. Therefore, the parade was not hot and sweaty. I LOVED that about the Orem Summerfest.

Well... this year.... having the parade in the evening just made everything cold. We got rained on about half way through. I am not talking about a little drizzle, I am talking about full on rain storm. Me, Niel, Mom, Dad, Jolene (Rick's mom), and Bryn all tried to brave out the storm.... but unfortunately, the weather won. Let's hope for a better city event next year!

On a side note.... you can tell we must be avid fans of Orem Summerfest. We had 5 adults and 1 child...laugh! We were all there to help out with Bryn!

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Niel said...

We were a lot better off than the poor beauty queens with make up running down their faces.