Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have been enjoying my summer vacations the past few weeks. Yep... that is right. I decided to take vacation before summer has officially got here. I guess I should call it spring vacation. Either way... it has been a great couple of weeks.

Niel and I took a quick, spontaneous trip to Los Angeles. It was over the Memorial Day weekend. The weather was slightly chilly. I also learned that everyone else had the same great idea as we did. The parks were crowded! Where do all these people come from?

This is one of the shorter lines we stood in. We went to Magic Mountain and Universal Studios.

I loved Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, big roller coasters, junk food, and spending the day with Niel. The waiting in line was not all that fun. We were at Magic Mountain for 10 hours and only got to ride on 7 rides..... CRAZY!

My favorite day was the last day we were there. We went to the beach and just had a lazy day. We rented a dual tandum bicycle and road around the boardwalk at Santa Monica. This is been on my bucket list so I was overly excited to be actually doing it! We had a great time!


melanie said...

Gosh... Sounds like fun. You guys do the funnest things.

Diana said...

Holy Crap! Those are Long lines.

Grams said...

I remember the first (and only) time John and I rode a tandem bike. Almost broke up the marriage trying to get co-ordinated enough to balance and go anywhere!