Monday, June 15, 2009

Photographer Zander

Zander got hold of my camera. I found a few things interesting.....

1st: Zander has a fun style of photography. Not sure how he was able to capture the moment Rocky licked his lips. When I asked him how he got Rocky to stick out his tongue, Zander responded "I was sharing my popsicle!"

2nd: Who knew Zander could hold the camera and take a picture of himself!?!

3rd: Zander convinced the neighbor to take the picture of him and Ben (friend) in their super suits! I am surprised the neighbor didn't call child services on us. What parent let's their kids wear such attire....haha!!
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Anonymous said...

Those are such good pictures! what a talented little guy he is :)

JMHill Family said...

Just love him and his bright spirit!