Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Date Night

Do you remember how great is was as a kid when you got to go on 'Date Night' with Mom or Dad? Or if you were really lucky you they both came along for a fun night?

Well... I have been spoiled lately.

I have had date night with my parents a couple of times. I even got a selfish night where it was


My beautiful mother joined me for a benefit concert. We went for her birthday!! It was such an enjoyable evening. I often wonder why her and I don't squeeze more stuff in like this. I had a fabulous time!

Then.... Dad met us at Cold Stone for a tasty ice cream treat. DELIGHTFUL! We talked and talked about the little nothings in life. I wasn't even paying attention to the time. Good thing late nights aren't a big deal as an adult, otherwise, walking in the door at 10:30 would have gotten me grounded for sure.

A few nights later we took my parents to dinner and a movie. We went to Wingers and out to see Toy Story 3. I had to share my date night with the kids and Niel..... I am pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa were fine with a night filled with Grand kids.

I am so fortunate to have loving parents who are always willing and excited to be with me, Niel, and especially the grand kids. My parents always seem to have the energy it takes to chase 5 kids around. More importantly they have the most generous and loving hearts!! I am lucky to have had them as incredible examples growing up and double lucky to have them in the lives of our children.

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Carmen said...

You do have pretty great parents!