Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Little Update

A few things have transpired the past month.

Megan turned 13! Yes, you read that correctly. We officially have a teenager in the house.

For her birthday, Megan invited a few friends to out to dinner. They giggled. Then Giggled. And giggled some more. It was great to meet a few of her friends and enjoy celebrating 13 years!!

School has come to a close. Besides being tall, Conner showed off his brains this past year. He received A's all year long. I am so proud of his dedication to school. He got an award signed by the president himself.
Go Obama!

His 6th grade class celebrated their experience as elementary students. One of his friends even made him a Lei. Conner is ready to move into the next stage of life.... Junior High!

Every year Stocks like to participate in the egg dropping contest. Each year he comes up with something new and exciting. This year, he put together 3 different contraptions for the event. He finally chose the football option.

He cut a hole in the middle of this old football. The hole was sturdy enough to protect the egg, yet jagged enough to hold it in there real tight. He passed with flying colors. I was amazed yet again!!

Eight is GREAT!
Yeah... it is incredible to me how these boys grow. He is eight all ready. We went out as a family to his favorite place, Texas Roadhouse. He loves those rolls with the cinnamon butter.

Ok... handsome.... right? He is a little man. We went to take baptism pictures. They all turned out so great that I am having a hard time choosing just a couple for his announcement. Gar is so photogenic. Here is a sneak peak.

My oh my!
Can you even guess who this little guy is? Or maybe this is a girl (don't let him hear me say that). Zander is still as silly as ever.

This is a fun thins Zander made at school:

He sure has a big personality. I am grateful for it most of the time. He sure keeps things interesting!

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Unknown said...

Holy Cow you have had a busy couple of weeks. I'm really impressed with the egg drop. And I can't believe Megan is already 13!!!