Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grandma Dean

Ada Evelyn Matlock Dean

The week has come to a close. It sure has been a memorable week. Grandma passed away on Friday. The funeral was Wednesday and the burial services were Thursday.

I learned a lot about Grandma this week. Did you know her favorite color was red? Grandpa liked to buy her red dresses and they would go dancing together. Grandma was never one to sit down and have a big meal. She was a grazer. She liked to snack all the time. When she got sick, she was told she would have to eat three square meals a day. Her response was, "I can't eat three meals a day. That is just going to kill me." I never saw Grandma watch much TV. I did find out she liked 60 minutes. Those were some of the simple facts I didn't know about Grandma.

I did know that Grandma was an incredible woman. I didn't realize just how much she changed her life. I learned that she supported my Grandpa as a bishop when he wanted to give up. I learned how difficult her life was during the early family life and how her attitude of hope changed everyone's life. As I listened to the words of her children, I was brought to tears listening to her struggles as a young woman and an early wife. I had never heard Grandma ever talk about those times in her life. She never wanted pity or sorrow but she did want happiness and love. Grandma found a great life by never giving up and staying true to the Church of Jesus Christ. She is such an example to me now more than ever. I admire her strength and her drive. I admire her love for life and the enjoyment of simplicity. I hope each day I can remember her example and strive to be more like her. She was an incredible woman.

Grandma and Grandpa Dean both called me "Amy Ruth." I loved that! I will miss it. I hope when I see them in heaven, they will open there arms, give me a big hug, and say, "Amy Ruth... it sure is good to see you!"

Since this is my type of journal, I just wanted to link to a few other words from other people.
Emily, Melanie, Lori

It was so good to see so many people this past week as well. Daniel flew in from North Carolina. I was thrilled to see him since I haven't seen him in 6 years. Uncle Gene was there too. Heather Miller Family and Aunt Kris came too (although I didn't take a picture. Dang). Jen and her family were here from Japan. And Ang and Kayla were here too.

My sisters and I used to get our sister pictures taken once a year. Seems like we aren't together as often these days. We posed for one and decided to have Dad join us. Did you know... I love my family. Mom snuck out before we could take pictures. She is in big trouble. :)

We headed up to Colorado. Seems like I have seen this cemetery too many times. It sure is a beautiful place. The Mancos Cemetery is high up on the hill, away from everything.
Quiet. Beautiful.

Here are a few pictures of the day. Look at the beautiful sky. It was a perfect day!

Its been a tough couple of years. Uncle Ron, Aunt Lori, and my Dad are some of my hero's. I love them so much!!

Brooke and I have taken a trip every year together for the last three years. I wish our trip this year had been under different circumstances but.... we still had a nice time together.

Bryn joined us this year. She is such a great little traveler. Dad joined us on the ride home. It was a nice drive.



StamKeve said...

I didn't know your grandma well, but what I did know, I know she will be missed and that she was, as you said, an amazing woman. I will call you Amy Ruth and you can call me Kam Ruth if you want. :) Love you guys!

Unknown said...

what a beautiful tribute. :)

Rick...the meek and mild said...

Life is getting on with us all...makes me grateful for eternity.................