Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Memorial Weekend

Memorial Holiday weekend was ...... nearly Perfect!

Perfect is hard to come by. My life is pretty good. I love it!

But I don't say perfect very often so you have to know it must have been pretty great.

You might ask, "Why was it so perfect?"

We didn't do anything spectacular. We just kinda, well, we hung out.

Who knew that "hanging out" could be so fun.

We hung out at the cemetery.

Beautiful don't you think?

We played a little basketball with Bryn. She is getting pretty good.

Niel cooked up some delicious steaks and chicken.

We had great company to share light conversation with.

We mowed the lawn and took a nap.

We watched some Prison Break and sipped on Orange Cream Soda.

We were even slight adventurous and went to the Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon.

(yeah, a second picture of me in a swimming suit. I am really brave)

There isn't anything like relaxing in hot water, in the mountains, watching stars come up. I wonder what God thought when he made Hot Springs.... he must have been really happy, or maybe tired and wanted to relax, either way He did good.

Nearly perfect was the weekend. I only say that because I missed the loudness of the boys. I love quiet times so very much and I absolutely love my alone time with my honey.... but I still missed the loudness.


Grams said...

We love the post. is cruel to post a picture of steaks on the grill!! Our mouths are watering and we are looking forward to enjoying one of Niel's grilled to perfection steaks in a couple of months.

Unknown said...

that does look like a near perfect memorial day. and when you look that good in a swimsuit, you don't have to be brave.:)

Which season of Prison Break are you on? We finished the series just about a month ago.