Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Flashback

~ June 2004~

I believe this was the first glance Niel got of my four little guys. This was the first picture taken of my changed life. We all look happy.... that is good. I just remember thinking when I sent this picture out to Niel.... "Welcome to my amazing world!" The great thing was that Niel seemed excited to met the boys. But who could resist these adorable smiles, big eyes, and loving hearts. My.... time sure has changed. It's been a good change.


Amy B. Jones said...

So cute!!

Unknown said...

you all are so darn cute. No wonder Niel was smitten. :) And you all arm more beautiful (handsome) now. A good change indeed.

I'm loving your flashback fridays. You should make it a meme and do a linky :)

StamKeve said...

I absolutely love this picture! Too cute! No wonder Niel wanted to meet you guys!

Silver Back said...

You are right...time has changed. Zander looks so innocent in that picture. And you are still taller than Conner.

It has been a great ride.