Monday, June 7, 2010

It can't be!

I am simply in shock.

I can't believe it??

This cannot be true!

Conner is officially taller than me!!

Ok... wait! Let's re-measure. I must not be standing straight.

No!!!! It is true. NO WAY!

My little boy is no longer little anymore.

Conner... you are grounded. :)


StamKeve said...

I can't believe it either. I just looked at a picture of a tiny Conner and that is what he will always be to me!

Who Is Lynda said...

It's all down hill from here.

Grams said...

We saw it first, from way over here in Russia! They measured for us, just for fun, while we were talking on Skype and grandpa said that Conner was taller. Amy couldn't believe it and Conner just chuckled and loved it!!!

Amy B. Jones said...

So cute :)

Lisa said...

Looks like it's true! These boys. We discovered the same thing about me and Kevin on our vacation and I made him take off his shoes because I couldn't believe it!